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Error Sending Email SMTP from phone and outlook

I have always had my godaddy email set up in outlook without issues.  Today, on bith my phone and outlook, I am not able to send because the password is not accepted.  The password is correct (I can receive email and it is all the same pw, so that is not the problem)...I have re-entered everything, checked spelling 100x's, because on both phone and computer, I think there may be an issue at godaddy?  Any ideas?

Former Employee

Hi @dougmute,


Thanks for asking. First, you can always check System Status here:

Second, although you said you verified passwords, etc, this may resolve it: Finally if all the basic stuff fails, contact Support for a specific look at your circumstances. It's unusual to have it work, then fail, but companies are doing updates all the time and something may have changed.


I hope this helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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