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Error when signing in, possible brute force hacking attempt



I have been getting an error when signing in to my Office 365 account on the web (which I use daily for email and calendar access from both home and work). I see an error message similar to the following about once a week: "Looks like you're having trouble signing in. Contact your admin to reset your password or wait 19 mins 16 secs before trying again." My guess is that someone is trying to brute force hack my password and that the system is making me wait to try to login due to these remote failed login attempts.


Is that a fair guess or am I misinterpreting the message? If that is likely what is happening, can I view (and block) remote IPs that are making login attempts? Or is there something else I can do to fix this problem?


I am the admin for my O365 account and not being able to login for 20 minutes when I need to do system administration is absolutely unacceptable.


Thanks for any help you can provide!


Chris Showers


I'm currently in a 53 minute wait. Is there another forum I could ask this question in or is there Microsoft support that I get with my Office 365 subscription (which is through GoDaddy, of course)?

I'm having the same issue. One of my email accounts just sent me this message and asked to wait 1 hour. It was 5 days since my last login..I dont you have a solution for this? What happened in your case?

Hello exptrans,


I never received any help with this issue and it continues to happen to me to this day. I'm having an unrelated problem where public folders aren't available for some of my users and I can't debug it because I can't sign in and out. I pay roughly $7,500 a year for my Office 365 accounts and I can't get support...


Chris Showers