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Establishing a trusted connection that requires no authentication to my e-mail domain.

I am trying to set up a system to send out e-mail notifications to users, SMTP is set up however it's not working because it requires authentication and the system does not support username and pass authentication, is there a way to do this directly without the use of something like MS Exchange?


Hello @Ashraf!


Welcome to the community! Can you provide some additional information to help the community better understand what you're trying to do? Is this on one of our hosting plans? What type of mail script are you using? Etc. Thank you!


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I am trying to link my system to the mail domain, basically my system needs to have a default domain so if a notification needs to be sent to an external address it automatically creates an email@thegivendomain but this is not possible at the moment because the mail server requires username and password authentication. 

Currently i have to use a third party smtp relay service like MS Exchange between my system and the mail domain for it to be functional, so my question is does your service allow adding a specific IP as a trusted system so that it requires no authentication from that IP?