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Exchange Email Issues with iPhone (iOS12.1.2)

My exchange email (in the standard Apple Mail app) worked great up until about two weeks ago.  Now, it constantly asks me to go into my settings to update my password.  I've tried to delete and re-establish the exchange account on my phone but to no resolve. This is not an issue with the actual email account. GoDaddy says they've received several complaints about this in the last few weeks but it's not their's an Apple problem.  One would think that GoDaddy would communicate with Apple about this issue, but it doesn't sound that is occurring. GoDaddy's only solution is to use Outlook on my phone but I don't want to do that since I manage five separate email accounts and would like everything to come into Mail like I had before. I've frustrated that this just started and somebody seems to have a resolution.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Community Manager

Hi @emilli. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I haven't heard of any issues with recent iOS updates. One thing you could check is whether your keychain has the right password. If you changed the password for the email account, you'll need to make sure the correct password is in your keychain in iOS. If that's not the issue, then it could also be a problem with the token for the address in Office 365. That would need to be tested by our advanced team. You would need to connect with customer care once more to have that done. Sorry Man Sad


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I have been having the same issue, my iPhone and iPad keep requesting password, I have entered the password manually and able to access accounts in O365 until it asks again for passwords. I have deleted the account and reentered with no fix.

I also had this problem for a month. So annoying. As of today after the latest apple update last night so far so good. But I will post back if it occurs again.

Nope. Still happening. It will literally ask me every 5 seconds while I am in the mail app!!

Thanks for the update. I won't try to add my exchange email back in to Mail because I'd probably throw my phone out the window. I've been checking my exchange email via the Outlook app and that's been working. It just stinks toggling between two different apps vs. how it used to be of having everything come in to the same location.