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Exchange - Use Temporary Mailbox or Use Old Data

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See image of error message.


What does this mean specifically?


  • Are there now 2 accounts (sets of data) on the Exchange server? Or 2 sets locally? 
  • Can this message appear with pop3/IMAP email accounts OR ONLY with office 365 account?
  • Why would my mailbox move? All I did was upgrade from Office 365 Essential to Office 365 Business Premium.
  • Does this mean I have to go check between both 1) Temporary Mailbox and 2) Old Data which one has the correct data and copy from one to the other?
  • Once data is verified, how do I set the Mailbox to be the only one used? The message Temporary Mailbox and Old data seem they are both problematic and not the final solution. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Exchange - Use Temporary Mailbox or Use Old Data

Hi @PB4cyber. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! In researching the issue, I was able to find this Microsoft support article. I think it will help your situation.  Hope you're able to get it worked out!


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