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Flagging emails between users on multiple computers

We have 2 shared email address's set up between 3 office computers through Outlook, however we are able to flag the items but NOT check / tick them off. The following error occurs.


"The operation cannot be performed because the message has been changed"


Help would be great !!

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@RoyalHaul wrote:


"The operation cannot be performed because the message has been changed"


Help would be great !!

I have seen that error in the past associated with the draft folder. As I see it the issue isn't an error as much as it is a limitation. What Outlook does is pull mail from a source. Typically the changes that can be pushed back are changes in state like read and unread. If you were to change something that your server did not track it would not be communicated to the other computer looking into the same email mailbox.

Additionally once you pull a email from the server your settings may not allow the email to be pulled by another computer depending on how you have it setup. A company called CodeTwo previously had a Sync Outlook program but I'm not sure if that is still available? I have previously used their tool for a client who ran Outlook on something called a desktop computer (not sure if those are still a thing) and her laptop. It was great for her because if she made a calendar change on her laptop it would push to her laptop and versa vice and Outlook doesn't do that by default. Hope that helps?

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Hi @RoyalHaul,


I've had similar problems.  To get all synchronized with Outlook and Office 365, you really have to start by having your main account set so that it operates logged into their "Exchange" Server.  There are options for "Authorized Devices", "Users" and quite a few other settings. Sometimes, this really, really slows things down.


Like @rd, I'm familiar with a company called CompanionLink that does Outlook synchronization across devices. 


Hope this helps,


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