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Forgotten my godaddy sign in email of a another to recover my account

Hi there,

This is my another account just created now.But unfortunately I have forgotten my primary godaddy account details(even email addressalso).I am a owner of a domain whcih is associated with that account.But I can not access it now.Please help me to restore my godaddy account.


Thanks in advance.Tried to call them to solve my problem but customer care could not help me mcuh.Only I have pin number with me.


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Hi @IamSP,

if you tell me your domain name I can do a Whois check. From the Whois check (without privacy) I can see the email address you attributed to that domain. I will then private message you with that email address. 

Thats a start!! 😊


If you don't want the world knowing your email etc then just private message me your domain name! 


If you have domain privacy I can still email you a short hello message....... 

Hi rammsteinium

Thank you very much for your kind words.My domain name is odiasite(dot)com.I wanna know my email address also.If possible please assist me to solve my problem.

Thank you