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Forward all email for domain to single address

I have just signed up for email hosting here and I am looking for similar functionality to what I have on my gmail managed domains.  I want all incoming email regardless of the address to go to the one email account I have.  I don't want to create tons of aliases I just want all the bounced mail to go to a specified account.  In this case the only actual valid account for my domain.  In the gmail configuration for a domain you can specify a "catch-all" address for this.  Can this be accomplished?  If not Go Daddy email will not work for my domain.


Hi @ectoplasm88, thanks for posting.

It sounds like you might be using Office 365. Catch alls aren't natively supported in Office 365. Microsoft has provided this work around, but it's not officially supported.


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He did mention MS 365, did he?