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Forwarding copies of outgoing emails to another email address

Dear All


I am a new at GoDady and I am trying to configure cpanel e-mail. I have already two e-mail address and one inbox is forwarded to another from cpanel Forwarders setting. However, I would like to forward outgoing e-mails to same e-mail address. I could not find any settings. Actually, I used many other e-mail management tools and most of them have incoming email forwarder as like godady has and they also have bcc user features for each outgoing emails. I would like to figure out with an example what I mean exactly.


For example, I have two email addresses like info and sales.


If someone sends an email to sales I would like to read it in info inbox. I don't want to follow sales inbox all the time. So, email forwarder does this action as desired. Also, if sales sends an e-mail to any of address, I need to get bcc copy to info address. So, I can control all of my e-mail addresses from only one address. I can transfer/back-up/control all emails from single e-mail address.


I think godady is the leader in this business and I think they have a setting for that. Otherwise I will be very upset.




I'm looking for the same option. Please let me know if you found a solution.

Community Manager

Hi @dentech and @Babuk. The only way I could see how to do this with cPanel email is by using the Roundcube email client when you access webmail. In the settings for Roundcube, you can add a BCC to the identity for the box (see below). If you enable this as the default option, it will add the BCC address to every outgoing message that's composed. However, the sender can opt to remove the address. Hope this helps. roundcubebcc.png




JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Is using RoundCube still the only way all sent emails can be BCCed to a third email address by default every time? Naturally, my question is, what happens if my workers don't use RoundCube web-based email? They prefer a client email application (Apple Mail). I guess I'll have to manually configure Apple Mail to send a BCC of all outgoing email.

I'm my case, I want ALL sent emails sent to an administrator email address where a supervisor can monitor communications. Sure would be nice if this could be done at the server level and not have to configure each device's email for each email account. ARGH!

Community Manager

Hi @jimlauden. cPanel doesn't have this feature built into it. From what I've been able to find online, it can be configured to do this if you have admin access to the server itself. However, that level of access wouldn't be available on a shared hosting account. If you had a VPS or Dedicated Server, then that's something you'd be able to do. I found this cPanel post about it if you're interested. 


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