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Getting the full version of Office (i.e MSI) not click to run

I use Dragon Dictate and need a full version of Office not the click to run version supplied by GoDaddy. (I believe there is a similar situation with other software such as Sage.) I understand that if you have Office 365 directly from Microsoft they will supply the MSI package on request. My Office 365 is provided through GoDaddy. When I spoke to GoDaddy customer service to get the full package, I first had to spend some time explaining to the person concerned the difference between the two products. He disappeared off for a few moments and came back to say that the full version could not be supplied. My experience of GoDaddy customer service is that some of it is knowledgeable and some of it knows very little, so I am asking whether what I was told was true since I have just had to spend a lot of money to repurchase the full package. 


Hello jadw137,

   Excellent question. From what I have found in my research is that all of our new licenses for Office 2016 are now click to run and we no longer offer the MSI installation licenses through our partnership currently.  I am bookmarking this question, if we have anymore updates about new license I will be sure to post here. Hope this helps!


Best wishes,


Thank you. I received the following from Nuance the company which produces Dragon Dictate.


Dragon is incompatible with Office 365 click to run. Is a fact.


I am sorry that this has caused you to spend more money on Office when you have a one-year subscription of Office 365. You can also download the offline MSI installer from your Office 365 account website to download latest version without need of purchasing a new software.


But the fact is that, Office 365 is not supported in any of Nuance software. I am sorry that you did not have any information about this before updating to this version of Office. We are working on update our website to state clearly this information.



It appears that if you subscribe to Office 365 directly with Microsoft you can get the full program from Microsoft but not if you go via GoDaddy - which seems like an argument for not subscribing via GoDaddy.


Could you please comment on this?