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Go Daddy Email

I just logged in to check my email like I do every morning and there is one thing in my inbox ( a paypal purchase I just made a few minutes ago) and nothing else. I have A LOT of folders that I save recepits for my business in, they are all GONE. Every single one of my folders is empty. There were tons of emails from previous years in them.


what's up with that!...


Something hinky is going on because, yesterday, my mailbox was at 98% capacity and last night it jumped to 124%!!  I have been deleting pages of emails all morning and it still says 122%!  No new emails have come in with large attachments either.  Maybe it's just a system glitch.

Your problem is much more serious... hope they get it cleared up soon!

Former Employee


Are you using an email client (outlook, apple mail etc) or are you using the GoDaddy web mail login through the internet? It could be an issue that could be resolved with a restore on GoDaddy's end or could be an issue with your email client.