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GoDaddy Blocking Wordpress Email

I have a wordpress site that sends me alerts about activity on my site. I also have a few email addresses with Godaddy that I recently set up. Before I set up my email addresses with Godaddy, they were receiving email just fine through Googles Gsuite email. Now that they are with GoDaddy, I can confirm the emails are being sent, but they never make it to my inbox or spam folders. I discussed it with GoDaddy, but the phone rep was more interested in talking than listening, so he was no help. I suspect that for some reason GoDaddy's servers are blocking the emails that are sent from my wordpress site. When I set them to go elsewhere (not to the email addresses I have at GoDaddy), they are received. 


Has anyone else had this problem and been able to resolve it? I want everything in one place, so I'm thinking I will have to cancel from GoDaddy and move my domain and email elsewhere, but I thought I'd ask the community for help first. 

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Re: GoDaddy Blocking Wordpress Email



Are you using GoDaddy Workspace?  I would do two things....


1. Use a plugin that saves the submissions to the database so that you can view them in your dashboard regardless of if you get the email notification of the submission or not.  Ninja Forms is a great contact form plugin.


2. Check your MX servers are correct.  


  • for the 1st MX record:
    • Priority field: 0.
    • Destination field:
  • for the 2nd MX record:
    • Priority field: 10.
    • Destination field:

Being you didn't mention your type of hosting, you may want to verify the above and what MX servers should be in place.    However, if email is not being received, only GoDaddy support can ultimately troubleshoot that for you.


HTH! 😉




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