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GoDaddy O365 Azure AD Win10 Issues

So, I have a O365 account with GoDaddy.  The computers in the company need to be company-controlled (hooked up to Azure AD).  The GoDaddy subscription with Azure AD in it won't login on fresh computers, as a work computer.  The computer has to be set up as a personal computer to work, which won't work with the company's required policies.


The same subscription level directly from Microsoft lefts us do that.  GoDaddy assured the business owners that their offering was identical to Microsoft's.  It appears that it's not.  It is lacking major necessary functionality.


Businesses that need to be NIST 800-71 compliant (aka anyone doing federal government work) therefore cannot use the equivalent business O365 offering from GoDaddy and stay compliant without having to buy another external Active Directory product, or just go with the direct Microsoft offering, as far as I can tell.


Does anyone have a solution for this, or do we just need to work on migrating away?  What's GoDaddy's policy on refunds for this type of service?  The GoDaddy salesman pushed the O365 offering very very hard to this small business, and it doesn't have the advertised functionality (nowhere does GoDaddy say that their subscription Azure AD can't be used as a business environment login for Win10).