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GoDaddy emails marked as SPAM in Gmail

I've read in several places that GoDaddy emails are marked as SPAM but there are no solutions. Gmail in specific is bouncing all of my emails even if someone has me in their contacts and has sent emails to my address. Has anyone found a work around for this?

Community Manager

Hi @GartnerInsights. Thanks for posting. Most often, this issue is caused by the domain that you are sending from not having the right SPF record. Mail sent from any of our email servers should have the following SPF record: v=spf1 –all.  If you don't have that, then Gmail will usually mark it as spam. If you do have that record but this is still happening, I'd suggest providing more information, like the email address in question and maybe a sample of what you're sending. That may help others offer suggestions. 


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Hi. I too am facing this same issue. I have business email with GoDaddy. I have been using it since more than 2 years without any issue. But since a few days, my outgoing emails started landing into Spam folder if the recipient is using a Gmail client. If the recipient is using another client like Outlook, then the same email is found in the Inbox. 

This was not happening since 2 years. Can you please help what I can do? I already have the correct SPF settings in my DNS. Please help as it is affecting my business.

They are forcing you to upgrade your service. There’s a server that they use for the free email that comes with your domain that doesn’t have specific security precautions that Gmail and other services look for and require. I moved my email to gsuite it’s a google email.

But suddenly after working smoothly for about 2 years? I still feel there is some settings that can be looked into from Gmail's end, could it be? 

Your best bet is to get far away from GoDaddy.