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GoDaddy's IP address blacklisted - What to do?

My email messages to an EarthLink client are not being delivered.
GoDaddy's IP address is blacklisted.


EarthLink is not willing to add an exception to their server to whitelist the IP address and I talked to GoDaddy's help desk staff and they will not do anything either. They just told me, we're sorry this is part of using cpanel email, you need to upgrade.
I can't believe that GoDaddy is not willing to work on whitelisting an IP address especially since potentially hundreds of websites with this shared IP address could be affected.
What can I do?



We are having the same kind of problem. Trying to deal with it is the first time I've been unhappy with GoDaddy support. I was told before the weekend that they were working on the blacklisting but either they've failed to remove it or failed to remove the cause. Surely, GoDaddy, monitoring your own mail servers is not that difficult?

I asked what other steps I could take and was basically told to wait for them to fix it. In the past I have tried using our ISP's SMTP server but I can't find the server details for our current ISP (XLN) and in any case they tend to end up on (different) blacklists as well. However @MiaMHM, if you can send email via another server (e.g. your ISP's) then it might solve your problem in this particular instance.


I am having the same problem.  Has your issue been fixed?