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Got an email from - is it legit?

My wife, who has an email account on my GoDaddy account, received an email from It says that our domains are expiring soon and are not set to auto-renew. It also has an "Auto-renew Now" button.
Is this legit, since:
a) Both of my domains are set to auto-renew AND not due until 2021?

b) Why was it sent to my wife and not me, the owner o the account?

If it's not legit, which I am certain is the case, how do I prevent us from getting these? Even my Norton AntiSpam did not catch it!


I don't think the email is legit. The most common way this is happening is by third parties looking up the whois information for the domain. Because of issues like this GoDaddy is changing what information we provide for bulk domain whois lookups.


Domain privacy is still the best way to protect yourself if this is how it happened. But if an email is mentioned on the website it can happen that way as well.