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Hello!! How to block an email address?

I was wondering if anyone has needed to block an email address and how I would go about doing that. Currently, a few of our co-workers have been getting spam emails that look legit, people that are looking for payment. When you click on the attachment sent, you find that malware or worse is downloaded to the computer. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!!


Thank you!


Hi there, please take a look at this article I found to help you block senders and also edit your spam settings: I hope this helps.  ^KayJay

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I do not use Office so the help link here didn't apply to me. Does anyone have a solution for using email on my mac or using the godly email directly?

I looked up this thread because I have the same problem. Emails from an unknown source with advertising. I think I was able to rectify it. In your Workspace webmail go to Spam Settings then to Custom Filters.  Hit Add New Tab and a dropbox will pop up, you select our criteria. For example: If : Form , contains (you can put the domain address the email is from) then move to: Trash, or another Folder etc. 

Hope that help. It's working so far

I have to admit, this issue alone is a huge reason I'll never get rid of my Earthlink accounts i've had for decades. Their abilities and eas of use for dealing with this is fantastic. I'm very non-plussed w/ GoDaddy's spam catching abilities as well as how difficult it is to deal w/ unwanted messages.

I am not suggesting that you are not right, however, in searching for a means to bounce email using the secure server account, I discovered that there is additional settings for spam under my godaddy account settings that are not in the email account settings.  I still was not able to bounce a message. I only present this as an FYI.