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Help with office 365 email - hosting outside GoDaddy

I'm using Big Commerce as my website and put the following settings but it still isn't working.  Ideas?  I see there might be a server issue with Microsoft 365 right now so maybe that's why?


Record Fully Qualified Host Value Priority Time to live

CNAME   900
CNAME   900
CNAME   900
CNAME   900
CNAME   900
MX 0 900
TXT MS=ms########   900
TXT v=spf1 -all   900
Community Manager

Hi @basketnv. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


Those records look pretty good. It's hard to say what might be wrong without further information. You may want to post any errors you're seeing or let the community know what exactly isn't working for you. That will make it easier to know where to look for a problem. 


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Yesterday after sending a draft email I had saved in the Draft folder, the Draft folder depicted that it still had one email in folder even though it was not visible in folder. Today, I composed a draft email, saved it and when I came back to finish it, the email was empty. Thete was no subject line and no content. I tried several times to create and save and this error repeated itself. I also cannot delete the emails once I compose them. I have to send them to delete them. I wonder if it has something to do with this "iivisible" email showing in Draft folder? Please help if you can. Also, should I update Outlook?