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Here is how to fix catchall email with Office 365

Following the migration to Office 365, those of you with catchall features who have not created alias and just accepted any emails sent to your domain. Here is how to make this work with Office 365.  Godday support did not offer any solution to this and basically said "we cant help you"  After some research I was able to find this work around which works for receiving any email sent do your domain. 


Login to webmail.

In top left corner beside where it says outlook click the app launcher

then select Admin

then at the top is says Dashboard / My brands / Admin

Select Admin again and select view All

Select Manage on Advanced admin center

Select Sign-in on Exchange


Now in the admin page,

Go to mail flow

then accepted domains

In this list select your domain and edit

change to Internet Relay


now go to Recipients (on the left menu)

then go to Shared

Add a new shared email

In the display name put "catchall"

alias put "catchall"

domain select your domain



Now back to mail flow

and go to rules and create new rule

put name "catchall"

Apply this rule if: the sender is located outside the organization

Do the following: Redirect the message to -> Enter your main account email

Except if: The recipient is your main account email and



That's it, after that you should be able to send to and it should be delivered to your email. Basically it will redirect all unknown emails to your main email account


Thank you @evilstrike it worked. 

Getting Started

I have had nothing but problems with my emails since I upgraded to office 365 premium, Godaddy staff seem to just go through the same thing. Incognito, could be your network etc... I believe they need to offer more support for the products they sell and I am drained from calling them to be asked to try incognito and being told its fine from their end. Surely if you sell a product you need to give product support ?