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Hosted Exchange Catch-all acccount

This is something that is not officially supported, but I have about 260 e-mail addresses from my clients backup software that all go into my catch-all e-mail account. I want to convert my system to Hosted Exchange, but there is no catch-all option or account. GoDaddy says that there are ways around this, but not sure how.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Other than listing 260 e-mail addresses in the alias or forwards?


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @PandaPerry, are you looking at transitioning to Hosted Exchange or an Office 365 plan?  GoDaddy no longer offers Hosted Exchange, and all existing Hosted Exchange customers are being migrated over to Office 365.  

Hosted Exchange has never allowed for a catch-all option, and the generally accepted workaround if you need this functionality is to create the addresses as an alias.  Keep in mind that Office 365 does allow for catchall addresses: