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How can I clear ALL Workspace calendar appointments?

Hi everyone!

I ran into an odd problem where a private Godaddy Workspace calendar needs to be cleared of all events.. Man Sad 


I don't see a way within settings to empty or clear the calendar in one fell swoop.  I would have to delete thousands of appointments by hand I am told...  Smiley Tongue


Please... is there ANY other way?   Some creative way to delete all?  I am told that third party products which synch to the calendar are only a one-way appointment direction (calendar to app) thereby prohibiting any actual deletion from a 3rd party program.

Is there any creative mind who can suggest something better?


Wishing for a holiday miracle!

~ Kattmarl


Hello @kattmarl!


Welcome to the community! There's no way to clear all calendar appointments. They'd need to be removed individually. Sorry about that!


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Wow!  Really?   No method ever created to clear a calendar?  Can someone internally at GoDaddy do this if we give them permission?  There has to be a way!!  It's only a database with entries... how can we just wipe the table?  That's got to be possible somehow!


If not... What is the fastest way to clear all appointments in this calendar then?


Is there a way to share/link it to another tool which CAN delete or clear the calendar appointments? Connect it to a google calendar and then search and destroy the entries?


Do you have any helpful ideas on how to do this quickly?


Thank you!