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How can I see emails sent through my account (from outlook or other programs) in webmail?

I received an email from what looks to be my own account. Sender states they hacked my account. But I think it is a scam.  What I want to do is to be able to see all emails sent through my account. But when I look in the sent folder - it only shows emails I sent directly from webmail. There must be a way to see all emails sent from my account in webmail or another part of Godaddy account management - regardless if outlook or other programs used my account.

Resolver VI

Hi vidbiz88 , I hope you are well. Please don't worry about this types of emails. Who sent  you the email, you can check it   in your mail source. 


I am using  Roundcube email service. This provides me complete info of sender.


Please check my screenshot


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