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How do I block a domain for incoming email on WorkSpace?

How do I block a domain from incoming email?  I want to block a particular domain.  Will it bounce back their emails so they know we are not accepting them?

Advocate VII

Hi @SMaz,

I you are using cPanel email you can configure your spam assassin.


Also here is a good link that was posted recently.


As to if someone wants to know if you have their email address blocked. Information will be relayed back to the sending server with an error code.  Depending on how bad the person wants to look into the returned/non-delivered email, they can generally figure out its a blocked address.


Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the suggestion James.  We use the workspace email product and Outlook.  So, unfortunately neither of those solutions help me out.  I know it can be done with each individual email account, but I was wondering if I could block a incoming domain from our entire domain instead of having to go to each email account and setting it up.

Yep, when you through Microsoft in the loop it changes your configuration options.  I'll do some checking and see if I can find a good answer.  What kind of hosting plan are you on?




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@JMPepper - Thanks!  We have Deluxe Classic Hosting Linux.

Hi @SMaz,


You can login to your cPanel, scroll down to the Email box.  Look for Global Email Filters and/or Spam Assassin.  If you use spam assassin, all you have to do is a blacklist for the domain.  Global Email Filters will give you several options on handling the unwanted email.


Hope this helps,


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Hey @SMaz


Actually you can setup email addresses or just the @domain address in your Spam filter setting.


Hope that helps. 


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In godaddy's workspace I found: settings / spam settings / custom filters tab / add new and typed ".stream" in the "if FROM contains" field. No auto purge option but I'm hoping this will at least move those to bulk.


We are getting some spam emails from last 1 week.

Could you please let us know how we can get rid of this.

Below are some of the emails:

From: "Ken Mitchell"
Subject: Unauthorized bills 

Attention to: Store Service,

I am contacting you because my card was mistakenly charged multiple times a week ago
Please find more details including my credit card number, amount, as well as the actual charges reference. Please be informed that I will have no option but to declare this charge as fraud if don't get a reply within one day.

Thank you for your assistance.
Ken Mitchell


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Melanie Thompson
Subject: webchat claim

Hi, two days ago I got in touch with your customer support via website for help, but in response from the operator he offered me to finish an order via web chat and asked for billing information directly into the chat. I found it weird, maybe i was on wrong website, tell whether it is OK for your company? I has exported logs from live chat as proofs. Attached files from Google Drive :


From: Kennedy Long
Subject: Communication abuse on web chat support

Good afternoon, on wednesday spoke with your support via web chat and I was very annoyed about that attitude to customers. I will leave negative feedback on all the thematic forums if you do not explain why support allows himself so disrespectfully communicate.

Saved log file from livechat:


From: "Roger Andrus"
Subject: Help with order

Dear Store Support,

I would like to place an order , but having difficulties witha few products. I have selected in the attached doc everything I want to buy, can you review it and confirm if it's in stock? You can find also a Screen-Shot of the cart inserted in the document.

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards!
Roger Andrus

Are all of these emails coming from the same sender or domain name? Other than sending it to Junk, there's not much else you can do, I would recommend blocking the sender if this persists.


Quick Question: I'm curious as to what kind of email system you have? is it Workspace or Office 365?

We are using web mail basically gmail.