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How do i reset consumption of my emails accounts

i have a account that have 5527 consumption, how do i reset, this account dont emails in his inbox. how do i have this high consumption.



Community Manager

Hi @maxsteel73. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


It sounds like maybe your emails are taking up too much space but you're not sure why. If so, I'd make sure you've emptied the trash/deleted emails folder, as those usually count toward your space usage. If that's not what you're dealing with, feel free to add more details here. Others may have additional suggestions for you. 


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Helper V

Also, if the problem is not caused by too much space used, then copy the actual message and paste here. You can remove sensitive information such as your email address.


If you are using Microsoft Edge then you can use the HTML view to paste if you understand HTML. Otherwise use a different browser to paste.