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How exactly do you recover password for domain email?

I do not know my [GoDaddy provided] domain email's current password. I need to either recover the current password or reset! PLEASE help! (The auto responder is asking for me to choose an email product -- I do not know the answer: MS Office 365; Workspace email; panel email; professional email). I selected professional email although this may be incorrect.

Super User II

It depends on which platform you are using.  On My Products scroll down to find your email product,this should say which is being used.


Thank you @Nate for your response! I followed your directions and viewed the video to change the password within GoDaddy for Office365 ... since I can only assume it wouldn't be Workspace and cPanel since I don't know what they are. eMail still does not recognize the new password for my business email. Any suggestions for literally talking with someone somewhere? Error message in Internet Accounts : "Can't connect to the account ["email address for business via GoDaddy Office 365"]. Enter the password for user "...." error: "Unable to verify account name or password". I have no idea what to do.

Hi @nothanks2 ,

Welcome to the Community! 

Sorry to hear that you’re still having issues with the email account.  Try the next steps to troubleshoot log-in issues: 


1. Use a private or incognito window to log in via .

2. enter the email address and what you think the password is

3. if logged in allowed, great! 
4. if authentication failure, reset password then try again. 

Question: Are you seeing a different layout when you log in to your email? 

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