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How to activate Planner, Delve, Etc. in Office 365

I'm very anxious to use the new Office 365 apps such as Planner.  I recently added a new 365 plan under a new GoDaddy account, and Planner, Delve, etc. are active.  Unfortunately the account I've had for several years has yet to get the Planner or any other "new" 365 features added.  


Anyone know how to activate them, or how to access Planner if it isn't activated in your account?


Hi @kylehill,

Just to clarify, the Office 365 plan that you have with us has all the apps? But the Office 365 plan that you purchased elsewhere does not have the apps? If that's the case, I suggest reaching out to Microsoft or checking out their forums for more information. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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My new account has all apps, the account I've had (both through Go Daddy) does not have all the apps available.