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How to calculate the number of SMTP relays for email?

We have a couple of people who occasionally exceed the 250 limit. They are not sending newsletters or anything like that they just need to communicate with numerous coworkers. On the days they reach the limit it doesn't appear that they have sent emails to 250 recipients.


This morning I checked my account and it said I had used 27 relays before I even sent any emails. Yesterday I sent a total of 4 emails, each to only 1 recipient.


How do you calculate the number of relays? We would like to know if there is something we can do to reduce the number for those people who send a lot of emails.


Community Manager

Hi @bobw. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


SMTP relays should only be consumed if you end an email using an email client (like Outlook or Apple Mail). You would use one SMTP relay per email sent. That means if you send an one email to 4 recipients, it would use 4 relays. Another thing to consider is when the emails are being sent. Your relay pool is replenished on a rolling 24 hour timeframe. If you suspect SMTP relays are being used by someone other than your coworkers, you may consider resetting the password for the affected address and scanning the users system for malicious software that may be using the address to send things it shouldn't. 


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