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How to delete emails from the server but not email clients


Currrently using outlook 2011 in a mac book

Right now, email is almost full in the outlook. How can i delete the emails from the server without affecting the downloaded emails in the outlook?

Important to note is not to the handphone but delete after download to the computer only


Need your advise


Community Manager

Hi, @Sharin.  Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


The way forward in your case would depend on the type of email hosting you have. It seems likely that you have a POP email account. If so, you should be able to update your client settings to specify if you want it to remove a copy of the message from the server when the email is downloaded. However, keep in mind that deleting a message from the server would mean other clients connecting to your account (desktop or phone) wouldn't be able to pull the email from the server after this. For example, if you had your computer set up to delete messages after downloading them, your phone would no longer have access to the message unless it had already downloaded it. 


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