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How to move existing messages from Workspace email to cPanel email?

How to move existing messages from Workspace email to cPanel email?

Also, does cPanel email offer a Webmail interface and POP interface?

Community Manager

Hello and welcome to GoDaddy Community @Zyxel!


There isn't a direct way to move email messages from Workspace Email to cPanel. My suggestion would be to connect to the Workspace Email account with an email client and download the messages. That way you will have them if you need them. 


cPanel does provide a webmail interface; 3 in fact. Once you set up the email address in cPanel and launch it, you can choose which platform you'd like to use. You can access webmail by going to or by launching it from within your cPanel "Email" tab. It is under the More option next to each address. 



Does anyone else in the community have experience with changing email platforms? How did you backup/export/import your messages? 


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have same addresses info@... and paypal@... in worksspace and in cpanel / webmail... mails are coming only to workspace. How to set the mails they start coming only to cpanel / webmail?