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How to stop email from going into Clutter Folder?

How do I stop email from going directly to the Clutter Folder?  

Helper III

Re: Clutter Folder

Hello @outtacontrol,


Please follow the steps below to disable items going to clutter:


Options -> MAIL -> Clutter -> Don’t separate items identified as clutter:


I hope this helps,
Feel free to ask any other questions 🙂

Harry Brand - Here to help out the community

Re: Clutter Folder



I am not sure why they make it so difficult to locate options.


Replies to my emails always go to my own spam folder

It doesn't appear to be domain specific, every time i send an email using the godaddy webmail, when they reply it almost always goes directly into my spam folder.


What can we do to prevent this, or at least minimize it?


I currently have to go and mark them as 'Not Spam' every time.  This causes me sometimes to miss emails, so i have to log into the webmail to see the spam folder.





Emails from Workspace Email are going to SPAM folders...and I know why!

This is a message for the community, since I can see that the Godaddy answers are of ZERO help on this issue...I know why our emails keep going to SPAM. Godaddy wants to sell us the "new and improved" 365 email system. So they have purposely derailed the old email system. Of course, why else would their only solution to this ridiculous problem be to "BUY BUY BUY" something else?!


I have had this problem before and called it in before. The answer I got then was deleted all links/images in autoreply and signature. I did that. No change. Then, after hours of calling and trying different things, I managed to change the outgoing server ports and the problem was resolved.


Now, suddenly in the last month, it is happening again. I can only guess this time with the launch of 365 email that our outgoing ports were sabotaged. I will be calling on Monday to try to change my outgoing ports. (Don't bother calling support on the weekends.) I am losing WAY too much business with client emails lost in SPAM, all because Godaddy wants to squeeze us for more money.