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I can no longer send emails from Iphone 6 but can receive them

Hi there 


Can someone help please? For the last few months I have been able to receive emails on my iphone 6 but I cannot send them. It says I have the wrong password but this can't be right as it works for incoming.


I have now twice tried the online chat help and it has been really frustrating. The first gentleman told me he had fixed it and it would work within 24 hours - it never did work and that was months ago. The second time they were trying to access the wrong account etc . 


Currently my outgoing server says:

Server port: 465

Use SSL is on



Both times, the online agent has asked me to change it to: but I believe that is incorrect for the UK, is that right? I said that and he told me to leave it as He also asked me to change it to non-SSL 80,3535,25 He said it had to have commas and spaces exactly like that but my phone wouldn't give me the option so he said to just put it in as one number. It verified for ages then said The SMTP server is not responding/ asked me to check my network connection and that I had entered the right info in the Outgoing Mail Server field.


He then told me to follow the steps at the following:


But, again, these seem to be the wrong ones for the UK as it doesn't say "Europe" so I queried it and he agreed they were wrong and I should put


Incoming (POP3)
Incoming (IMAP)


He told me to do IMAP but my phone gives me an error saying that is not responding and to verify I have entered the correct account info. He then told me to do this


but it said the pop email already existed on my iphone when I tried to add a new account. So he told me to delete the account and add a new one, which I did, but i still get the same message saying it already exists.


So sorry for the long-winded message. 

Can someone help. I'm at my wit's end and really just want to send emails. Thanks so much.



Hi @Lynsey_h,


Welcome to the Community!

Here's a few things to check for in your email account with GoDaddy. FIrst, regardless of where you're located, make sure the plan you're using is an EU email plan, so that you're on the correct server. If so, your settings are correct.


The multiple ports suggested should be tried one at a time. Your ISP may have a preferred port through which they are allowing access. Also, to use the IMAP ports, be sure you have an email plan that supports IMAP. If you are using a paid personal plan, or a free email plan, you will want to try the POP settings only.



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