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I cannot send and receive emails

I can not send or receive emails.

I receive the following message to send any:
Message not sent.
Connection refused
Server replied: 111 Can't open SMTP stream.

- or -

SMTP Error (-1): Connection to server failed.


From root:


root@ip-192 [/]# service exim status
exim dead but subsys locked

root@ip-192 [/]# mv eximdisable eximdisable.bak
mv: cannot stat `eximdisable': No such file or directory

/bin/ls: cannot access /etc/eximdisable: No such file or directory

root@ip-192 [/]# service exim restart
Shutting down exim: [FAILED]
Shutting down spamd: [ OK ]
Starting exim: 2018-05-29 06:11:33 Cannot open main log file "/var/log/exim_log": No such file or directory: euid=0 egid=0
Starting spamd: [ OK ]



Please, advice.

Community Manager

Hi @Lillike,

I hope that you were able to solve the email issues that you were experiencing. Here's some tips of things that you can do in the future if this comes up again If you have a chance, it would be helpful to come back and let us know what you did to fix this so other community members who might be experiencing the same issue can follow the steps you took. Thanks much!


RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.