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I need a different email that my primary domain. I own the second domain that I need for the email.


I have a multi site hosting account currently setup for one a client.

I need to setup an email for my company  which will be a different domain I am currently hosting.

I bought the domain for the email I need.

When I try to setup an email for that domain I am directed to another subscription I have to pay.

Can I setup my company email without paying another subscription?

Any advise greatly appreciated.






I have the same question. Hosting on primary domain is all done, and email works for that. I have several other domains and I need to know the procedure to incorporate and set up email for those. I do not want this Microsoft Outlook solution, this is Linux based, and if I wanted the Microsoft would have hosted with Windows.


Hi @cdlvj130@Eamonn58


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Without seeing the account, it is impossible to say whether you have the ability to setup an email on a second domain. A call or chat to customer support can help determine if you have any other credits in your account or a hosting email that can be employed for the extra email address. 


Give our support a call at one of the numbers in the link below and they can help in your setup for the new email.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
Supporting you at


TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
Supporting you at