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Intermittent mail forwarding to Yahoo Issues

For features and use of apps on our phones...we forward our GoDaddy email to Yahoo mail.  We've done it for YEARS.  Now, there are some messages that are not making it to Yahoo Mail.  GoDaddy has verified the email is being sent.  We obviously don't check GoDaddy often, but now realize we are missing key emails from customers and vendors. 


Also, GoDaddy says that I cannot send myself a message -- from Yahoo to the GoDaddy address that forwards back to that Yahoo account.  I just did...and it works as it has for years...  But sometimes, it doesn't...and sometimes I cannot send to other people at my company.  We are all routing our GoDaddy email addresses to Yahoo Mail.


Anyone else out there with this problem?  Suggestions??

Community Manager

Hi @srsg1998. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! I haven't heard of people having issues with Yahoo specifically. It's hard to say for sure what would be causing this since it appears to be intermittent. The first thing I'd suggest checking is to make sure you have the right DNS records for the services you're using. If you can provide the domain in question and the type/region of email you have, that may help others take a closer look and offer suggestions. 


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I am having the same issue not receiving all of my forwarded emails. It is also intermittent and forwarded to my yahoo/sbc email. It has been working for years and i am also able to send emails to myself to test it, but they come through. When i noticed the problem about a month ago i set up all my forwards to also be sent to my gmail address, but it is exactly the same, and not receiving the same ones that are not making it to yahoo/sbc. I have no solution at this point.