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Is anyone giving up on Workspace for their business's email?

After last week's GoDaddy email debacle where their email servers went down and dark for over 10-20 hours, many of our customer's inbound email messages were completely blocked any bounced back to them as totally undeliverable.   We never saw these inbound email even after the GoDaddy servers came back online.   Kind of unacceptable really, like who's setting server security policy at GoDaddy, and no redundancy?, Really?   Do other players such as Google Gmail have these issues? My management wants me to come up with an alternative and dump Workspace, since Workspace has failed many times before, its just not close to 99.x% reliable.


Do we give up on GoDaddy Workspace? Or is it the same or worse everywhere else? Any comments are appreciated.


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Workspace email is a pretty basic but functional email client, no more than that. It is a vanilla email client, not a strawberry ripple with sprinkles on top.............................. 

It was a server update that caused the outage, and the blame game doesn't help anyone except those that delight in 'flaming'............?


The office Cat got made redundant!!!! He wasn't catching those mice like he used to..............