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Joomla Office 365 Mail Setting

I have an email account on Office 365, but can't send email with the following settings in Joomla > Gobal configuration > Server >Mail Setting:

Send Mail: Yes
Mailer: SMTP
From email:
From Name: Mydomain
Disable Mass Mail: No
SMTP Authentication: Yes
SMTP Security: None
SMTP Port : 587
SMTP Username:
SMTP Password: ***************
SMTP Host:


Thanks in Advance

Helper I
Helper I

Re: Joomla Office 365 Mail Setting

First, verify that your settings match what can be found in your GoDaddy account.  Instructions here:


Second, I noticed that the security is set to none.  I don't have any experience with GoDaddy's 365, but in setting up IMAP accounts in the past, I've run into issues when I've tried to run SMTP without security.  Sometimes setting that to SSL (or whatever is accurate for your configuration) can smooth out issues.

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Re: Joomla Office 365 Mail Setting

You'll use your Office 365 email address as the username, Requires TLS, and port 587.  Your SMTP server should be  More info is at:


If all of those settings are correct, verify with GoDaddy that they aren't blocking port 587.

Joomla SMTP Settings for Gmail



I have a joomla based website. I tried the gmail app password with settings provided from google but nothing done.


Could you please provide me a solution?