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Junk mails issues

We received a lot of junk mails like this lately, godaddy's junk mail filters should block this kind of junk mails.




----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2016 11:27 AM
To: aaa@goldenaltos com
Subject: goldenaltos com sued me

I got this in my mailbox today.
WTF? I never visited goldenaltos com.
WTF again?


Re: Junk mails issues

Hello goldenaltos,

    Sorry to hear about the inconvenience of the Junk Mails you are receiving. Dependent on which type of platform you are hosting your emails with you may be able to adjust your settings for higher spam protection or set custom filters for emails to be routed to your spam folder.


One of our commonly used platforms is the workspace email platform. To adjust the settings of your spam filter please use following help guide :


Use spam filter settings


To create custom message filters, in example a rule could be created that all goes to spam folder,  please use the following help guide: 


Adding Rules to Filter Messages


Additionally, marketing emails will have an Unsuscribe link that will request no additional emails to be sent to your address.


Hope this helps!