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Leakage of emails to outlook after change of password on Godaddy


I am facing a problem with godaddy and outlook (3rd party client). The scenario is as follows: 


I had setup an email which is from Go daddy on to outlook 2013, after a year i changed the password of the email on the main Godaddy portal and as soon as i changed it i got a pop up on my outlook 2013 that the password has been changed . I then realised that although i had changed the password on GO daddy , my computer was still receiving emails but was not able to send the emails out. 


I think there is a big security bug in the GO daddy system because once the email password is changed it should not send any emails to outlook which still has an old password setup in the computer and not valid. 


has some one experienced same issue before, any idea if we can get this sorted?


when i tried the same thing with 1and1 it was perfectly fine, neither was i getting any new emails nor was i able to send out any emails. 


And yes i have IMAP with go daddy / does that matter for the issue i am facing. 


Please advise if you have any suggestions to stop this. 


Many Thanks 


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Hi @dmcak,


I suspect the popup is automatic because on changing your password the IMAP ports no longer connect to put it simply.

So would you rather not get an alert that someone, had changed your password?

The other 'security issue', that of receiving email when 'the old password was no longer valid', so you go on holiday right? So folk can still send a letter in your mailbox right?

Hey I even get emails with my computer switched off, there they all (all five) are, waiting suspiciously for me to get out of bed, get shaved and dressed, and a cup of tea!!







Any advise shall be greatly appreciated


Thanks & regards