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Linking email account on multiple devices

I am trying to figure out how, if possible, to link multiple devices to my email account? I currently have my email loaded on three devices, but I would like to have it set up where if I delete of file an email on one device it will up date on the other two once logged in. 

My work email does it, but I cannot seem to get my to work on my workspace email. 

Thank you for your help!

Community Manager

Hi @ScubaJenny. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


It sounds like you just need to get your devices set up to connect using IMAP. This is currently only supported on our Ultimate Workspace Email accounts. If you have that type of account, you can set up your devices to connect via the IMAP protocol so that any action taken on one device will be synchronized on all devices.


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Hi! There are different ways to sync your email across your devices depending on which email domain you use. We have step-by-step instructions with pictures detailing how to do sync your email across devices on Apple iOS and Outlook. Check out our site for this information and more on how to link email on multiple devices!