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M365 email account delegation/permissions do not function

This looks like another 'Feature' that GoDaddy's version of M365 lacks, and support seemed to confirm this.

I was told that these types of 'exceptions' are located in the LEGAL portion of the TOS...

Ya, way to hide it GoDaddy...  Can they really market M365 AS M365 when it doesn't have all of the functionality of M365?


Has anyone found a functional way around this?  My usage / configuration case is this...

We have an external service that sends 'Bulk' and 'Priority' emails to Investors.  The Finance people and the outside group want the Reply address to be simply 'Investor' and not the bulk or priority address.  This would be simple if the "Send-As" functionality actually WORKED.


I cannot make the default reply-to address for these 'Investor' as that account/address already exists.


Maybe I can make that a Shared email address and it wont' conflict...  I have to do more testing.


But....  WHY is delegation broken?  I could not get an answer to that other than..  "It does not function in the GoDaddy environment.