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MS Office 365 vs. GoDaddy Office 365

I'm helping out a friend going through a very confusing issue with her Office 365 subscription. It began when she received an alert from Microsoft that her 1 year subscription for Office 365 Personal was up for renewal. However, on her GoDaddy settings page for her account it shows that she has an autopayment with her AMEX card for Office 365. Calls to GoDaddy customer support weren't very helpful. They claimed they are "providing her with 365 for email but it is not Outlook". Huh? Sounds to me like she may be double paying for Office 365. Any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't know if this is helpful but I have seen it where someone who goes through the GoDaddy portal for Office 365 but register as a direct MS Office 365 customer without using their GoDaddy credit. Perhaps something like that would be the case? What you want to do is to check the account numbers for both and see if they line up. Also you want to check and see how they are launching Office 365.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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To add to your point- (MS365/GD!365) From my own experience I can honestly say ('cause GD! sure isn't going to tell you)- since purchasing Office 365 with Godaddy, almost every facet of my online AND offline computer usage has been affected to the point where I had to delete email accounts i've had forever as well as user accounts.  I've had a brand new laptop with Win8.1 Pro that was not eligible for upgrade due to the account having been tied to GD. Every time you have to sign in to a Microsoft site for anything the first thing that happens is it kicks you to a new window for GD- and GD has done jack **bleep** to make this process seamless.  Every link you hit in GD kicks a new window with yet again the same logon or useless control panel.  At no point can you use Microsoft anything without GoDaddy windows requiring you to sign in to your account.  Having formerly been an Exchange Admin, I can tell you right now that Office 365 via Godaddy is not the end product that Seattle envisioned for Admins and end-users alike. You really have no idea as to the amount of time you find yourself on GoDaddy's end vs. actually using the Office 365 Admin.  Oh, if you need help using Office 365- you get redirected back to GoDaddy. Plan to have a concrete wall in your near vacinity to beat your head against after the GoDaddy Office 365 product drives you absolutely insane. And since Office 365 ties into Azure Active Directory, your Azure account will go straight to GoDaddy.  I'm not sorry- I seriously have never seen something so UN-seamless to the point where it will make you question as to what Microsoft was thinking.


I love Microsoft products though,  and Office 365 as a Microsoft service is fluid and seamless as designed and comes with Microsoft support as well!!! 


Thank you @route_switch but that actually does not add to my point. I cannot speak to the use of the GoDaddy Office 360 offering as I do not personally use it but I have handled the configurations for customers and during that time I found it to be comparable to the Microsoft Office 360 offering. Of course there is a bit of an extra layer to it but so are other third party GoDaddy offerings.

Do you have any experience with something like what @citybirder is asking @route_switch?

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

Here is a little update today March 2017. I have several separate domain accounts with GD, and alot of them had been using the POP email accounts, since then we have started moving the domains to 365, until this last week, I was just creating the tenants directly on MS, as I have done in the past, and even with a few middle man partners, but this client preferred to stay with GD for the middleman. But last week, I setup the tenant using the so called GD "" Email and Office "" product,  After getting it all setup I logged into the 365 Portal to get a huge surprise, I found out that I had no control over the 365 Tenant, and any real changes like adding services, users, would have to done through GoDaddy, and if they do not support an ADD On, you are just out of luck, like Azure Ad, Skype PBX, and so on.


Now I have been using GoDaddy for almost 20yrs, 100s of domains, and accounts, and really have not had many problems, but I will tell you that this so called "Email and Office" product thing is no more than "" Marketing Ransomware "" they will nickle, and dime you to death, and not even offer you more value than MS


If a partner or middle man for Office 365 is to add Value, then they should add value, not lock down the client, and force them to use your products only, well I guess GD likes doing bossiness that way, but I bet it will short lived. From my research I am finding that this issue is not just me! Again, I am not against GD being a middleman for support and extra value, But where is the Value???


I agree for Office 365 GD is not the answer!!!  


Other products they offer I will give them a  "" 8  "" especially DNS

  • Using 365, we can still have our own email addresses, right? We don’t have to use addresses?
  • For some reason GoDaddy says that buying it through them and having them host it would cost $215/year for 4 email addresses, which seems crazy. If you buy it from MS, such as here, does that include hosting or do you have to pay GoDaddy or someone to host it?
  • If MS hosts it, is it a relatively simple matter to switch it over from GoDaddy, which currently hosts my POP accounts? Changing MX records or something?

You are correct RickArcher, you can still use your existing Domain email addresses.


Your question about the godaddy 215 a year is for EMAIL ONLY


Your question about MS with the link 99 a year is for HOME OFFICE SUITE for 5 home users NO EMAIL


If you purchase these separately you will end up with the cheapest solution, but you will have 3 different portals to deal with when you go to manage them. But it will work. So together this setup would be 314 a year, as far as setting it all up, it would me very easy just a nightmare to manage later.


I would suggest if you can swing it, purchase the Office 365 Business Premium directly from MS for 12.50 per user month x 4 = 600 yearly, and by pass Godaddy, just use Go Daddy as your register and DNS. 


Its not to hard to switch over from Godaddy, if needed to you could get someone from MS on the phone with you to bring it over. Now as far as the email that is on your local machine you need to do some thing with it, which is a whole different situation. 

Can't agree with you more on this. GoDaddy chops what M$ intended at the knees and then pretends it doesnt know what you mean that there should be more administrative tools with you O365 subscription than they give you. Never ever ever use GD's verison of O365. 

I JUST DISCOVERED THE SAME THING LATE LAST NIGHT when I was troubleshooting my Office 365 Account.  I have been paying 10.81 a month for a MS Office 365 Home account so that I could have use of all of the continuously updated programs, etc. ever since the EXACT SAME DAY that I subscribed and paid for Office 365 Business Premium through GoDaddy!!! I have apparently been using the Outlook 365 Business Premium account for EMAIL ONLY all of this time, when in fact I could have accessed ALL of the same features (and more) available to me in the Office 365 Home account that I subscribed to on top of paying for my Office 365 Business account through GoDaddy.  But that is not even the WORSE PART --- I spent an hour or more on the phone with a GoDaddy rep who walked me through setting up my email, etc., and HE is the one who actually INSTRUCTED ME to subscribe to the Office 365 Home account so that I could access the Office apps!!!  I just printed out my entire billing history for MS Office 365 Home, and I have paid a total of $313.49 for my monthly subscription to 365 Home since July 8, 2014 - the exact same day that I purchased my Office 365 Business plan through GoDaddy.  I feel so violated!!! 

GD Office 365 is a rip off and most importantly, it is a IT management nightmare for my client, who has lost thousands of dollars due to the issues and reduced functionalities from GD Office 365. I am now helping him to get out of GD Office 365. 


So what is the answer then? I have just signed up with go daddy for a domain and email essentials. I just bought a copy of office 365 for my new Mac so I can use word and excel as I'm going out on my own. I have tried to set up office 365 and register it to my new domain email. Thats what this was all for but it tells me that email is already in use if that is you go back and try again. I don't want to set up office 365 using another email address as I want everything for the business going through the same email, etc to keep it all simple. I saw that someone posted an article on successfully migrating or something their go daddy office to their own paid subscription service.

Microsoft will offer you the domain and web stuff too... thet actually use Godday for that.  You can buy a 365 account with Microsoft and transfer the stuff over but it will be a lil work maybe worth better service and product down the line.  Godaddy may not refund you be careful.


The Godaddy Office 365 product does not have all the same features compared to buying direct from Microsoft for pretty much if not the same price. Don't be fooled by Godaddy sales people like I was. One feature for example is getting a daily Agenda Email summarizing your calendar events for the day. Godaddy NO, Microsoft YES. I imagine Godaddy does not pay for all the 365 features hoping you won't notice so they get it for a few bucks less to make some money. Just buy from Microsoft ... I feel silly for not realizing this.

The godaddy team, while being nice and trying to help, is utterly useless when it comes to troubleshooting ANYTHING related to Office 365. The product capabilities are slightly reduced, but the worst thing is that the integration of the godaddy portal and the M$ portal to administrate some is the most useless piece of sh..t development I have seen in my 30+ years in IT. Nothing really works and the support claims that changes take up to 24 hrs !!!! to replicate. That is earlier than stone age of IT, carving information into a rock and throwing that to Microsoft would be faster than what godaddy does.. And more reliable as most of the information changed on the godaddy side will never make it to M$.


I highly recommend going anywhere else for your O365 needs. Sooner or later you will need support/make changes to the environment and at that time, you might as well shoot yourself as godaddy is the last place that will be able to help.



Office 365 Personal is different the Office 365 Business

The personal account is going to be tied to a microsoft doamin account, like MSN, Hotmail, Live or  Depending on the level she purchased the paid version comes with installations of Office with OneDrive(I have a 1TB personal onedrive) 

The GoDaddy Office 365 is for hosting your own domain email ie: and is connected to other users in that domain for things like SharePoint and email addresses with a management portal.  




This thread still seems active and it seems several of us have the same setup and direct questions:

1. Personal MS365 in order to get MS Apps (Excel, Word, PP, etc.) plus 1TB storage on Mac (~$70/year).

2. Need/desire for unique domain which we've purchased thru GoDaddy.  To get e-mail "essentials", we also purchase a GoDaddy layer on 365, GD365 (~$72/3 years), that is NOT providing MS Apps.



3. Is there a way to use the setup above, our unique domain, purchased thru GD, with the MS365 account, so we can have both Apps and e-mail integrated? Admittedly, this still may be "double paying", adding a GD365 layer for domain/e-mail only.


4. Would a different approach be better and/or cheaper?  MS365 PREMIUM (does this provide the ability for a unique domain/e-mail)? Cost? Capability?

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I'm a bit lost as to what your question is @6785? You can buy Office 365 and use your own domain. You don't need to use the GoDaddy offering to get a unique/custom domain attached to your email. There are many benefits to GoDaddy Office 365 but that's not really one of them. 

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

GoDaddy sells a "Business Premium" level of Office 365 that gives you what you are talking about; it has 5 desktop licenses of the office apps, along with the Office 365 email with your custom domain. It costs 14.99/user/month for each license whether you pay monthly or yearly (after whatever discount you get during the initial promotional period), which is a payment you make to GoDaddy through your GoDaddy account.


The MS Office 365 referred to in this thread is the same subscription, but purchased directly through Microsoft. You can use your GoDaddy purchased domain for the email, but the subscription for the Office 365 is directly with Microsoft and costs 15.00/month, or 12.50/month if you opt to pay yearly.


The main difference from my point of view is the ability to administer your Office 365 account. If you have a small number of users and are already set up on GoDaddy with the email only subscription, it may be easier to just upgrade them to the Business Premium and stop paying for the personal office 365 (apps only) subscription it sounds like you bought. The downside to this is that you have limited control over your Office 365 tenant. You will have no access to the Exchange powershell cmdlets, and some of the Office 365 Admin tools will be disabled.


I have 35 users, and I have struggled to perform administrative tasks such as changing a user's license from email+apps to email only and enforcing the password policies I want to enforce. These tasks are relatively simple with the built in tools Microsoft has for Office 365, but are a challenge with GoDaddy controlling the tenant. If you have a small number of users and don't expect to have to change users/licenses a lot, its probably easier to stick with GoDaddy. But if you expect to have more users down the road, (or want all of the admin capabilities built into O365 by MS) I would start off directly with a Microsoft Office 365 account, because if you have to try and migrate 20+ users out of GoDaddy to Microsoft later (what I am probably going to have to do), you will be in for a major headache.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the cause of my woes and that my suspicion about GD being the root of numerous problems is confirmed.  Subscribing to MS Office 365 through GD was a HUGE mistake.  It has cost me way more in the form of time and frustration than I saved on the price.  Customer support was useless when I wanted to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 10 Pro but couldn't because the admin portal doesn't have the option if your O365 is through GoDaddy.  Since I don't feel like wasting my time with the countless inconveniences and limitations of GD (non)administered O365, it's actually going to cost me a lot more because I'm going to have to migrate to MS directly and I highly doubt I'm going to get any money back from GD.  They're fine for domain registration and hosting (depending on your needs--not HIPAA compliant), but this product should not exist.  The only benefit I've gotten out of this cluster is a big boost in my self-taught IT skills, so at least there's that.

One of my GoDaddy emails got hacked and the Customer Service Person recommended switching over to a more secure server which required the purchase of two Office 365 Business Premiums - one for each email address I have. She didn't fully explain this and I didn't realize what was going on until I got home and was looking at the receipt. The receipt shows Email - Encryption x 2 and Office 365 Business Premium x 2. I already have MS Office 365 Home so I asked if the Business ones were needed and she said yes. I then asked if I could cancel my Office 365 Home subscription and she said I'd have to check with MS.

Question 1: if I have MS Office 365 Business Premium (through GoDaddy) and this can be installed on up to 5 computers/tablets/etc, can I get rid of my Office 365 Home subscription?

Question 2: why do I need MS Office 365 Business Premium to have a more secure email if the email encryption is  a separate product?

Question 3: is there a hosting company that is better than GoDaddy with regards to reliability and ease of transferring domains/emails (I'm not 100% sure what all I need to do to transfer but that's another story), etc.

1. Once an office 365 subscription is purchased, it cannot be cancelled after 24-48 hours (one or the other, maybe depends on the kind of subscription). You can let the home subscription expire. After the installed office software expires, you use the business premium login to activate the software again.

2. So GoDaddy can take more money from you. Office 365 is pretty secure - but I really can't disparage the GoDaddy security product as I actively manage my accounts and haven't ever used their product. Maybe it isn't just a money grab?

3. I prefer Namecheap. They are a little "hipstery" and they don't offer the ultra cheap get you in the door domain prices (unless they are having a specific sale) but they don't jack up the price on renewal. I've used a few other registrar's like 1and1 and networksolutions and the only one that impressed me enough to move anything from GoDaddy was Namecheap.

Regarding the office 365 business premium, I would buy it from anywhere other than GoDaddy. The recurring costs is where they get you (and their flavor of o365 sucks). M$ will give you 12.50/mo indefinitely if you pay yearly whereas GoDaddy goes up to 15 after the initial promo runs out.