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Mail is not authenticated from my domain

Hello - 
I was using an alias for one of my gmail accounts, but tried switching to domain Mail after a lot of frustration trying to "authenticate" my domain, so that the red question mark icon would stop appearing to my recipients every time they receive mail from me. For a while, send mail using the Apple mail client seemed to eliminate this issue. But now, once again, I am seeing the red question mark when I send a test mail to a gmail client. I am pretty sure I have done everything on the hosting end to authenticate the domain. I don't understand why I am still seeing this error. Even though my mail is being sent and received, I'm not happy that my clients are seeing a red question mark, indicating I might be a spammer, when I am not. Please offer any insight you have. Please do not simply direct me to a "help" article, because I feel like I've read them all at this point. I would have been happy to keep my account with gmail if I could have figured out the issue, but now I am just frustrated that even using a different mail client, people with gmail are seeing a spam warning when they receive mail from me. 
Helper II

Re: Mail is not authenticated from my domain

Hey hanok,


So I'm sure you read about SPF txt statements in your DNA and adding an include statement to it?