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Managed VPS Email Recipient Limit


I am interested in a GoDaddy managed VPS. One thing I need to be sure of first though is the maximum recipients per email message.

My client is a golf club who send out a bulk email a few times a month to just under 1000 members. I believe the max number of emails a days is 5000 which is fine. But can they send a single message to all members (<1000) at the same time without getting a "554 Too many recipients" error?

Thanks for any help.

Community Manager

Hi @essence80. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! With our VPS plans, you are able to use 1000 SMTP relays per day. This number can be increased up to 5000 via a request through our support team. While the server shouldn't stop you from sending that many emails, it might be a limitation within whatever software you're using to send the emails. If you encounter difficulties, that would be the first place I'd suggest that you look. 


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