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Message Delivery Failure - Mail Delivery System from



Since last week I am getting following message on numerous emails to different recipients: 


Reason: There was an error while attempting to deliver your message with [Subject: "RE: Greetings from Pakistan! :)"] to MTA received this response from the destination host IP - -  550 , 550-Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

550 invalid DNS MX or A/AAAA resource record  


At first I diagnosed that the issue is on recipients server but when I emailed on same id with other domain account email was sent through and I also received response. 



Re: Message Delivery Failure - Mail Delivery System from

Hi @smrizwans , thanks for posting.

The bounceback you received is what the GoDaddy email server received when it tried to send an email to the recipient. The message indicates that there might be a DNS issue the domain name associated with your email address.

By default, Workspace Email MX records resolve to a Cname. This error message may also indicate that is an issue, but there wouldn't be a work around for this.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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