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Message-> Your imap server wants to alert you to the following cannot delete folders with subfolders

About every 5 minutes I get a dialogue box that pops up with the Message in the subject above.


I'm running Outlook 2013 with IMAP to my GoDaddy email service on Windows 7 SP2.  I'm not sure if running the AutoArchive might have triggered it or if the .ost file is corrupt. 


Microsoft techies suggest just renaming the ost file (copying all the Contact and Calendar data to a separate pst file) and resyncing.  I tried this but found with all the rules, favorites and such that I've created across the 6 email accounts I use Outlook to coordinate, this needs to be a last resort. So I went back to my prior ost file and am looking for help.


Thanks in advance!



Run into EXACTLY the same issue with the same setup. Googled around, seems that people always talking about deleting/renaming your old .ost then re-sync. And like you, I got 4 email accounts with numerous tasks, calendars, to-dos and favorites, really hesitate to do this.


Wondering if any other way to fix this problem? Or at least some way to turn this message/alert off? It's so annoying.


Any advice/suggestions appreciated!