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Message in Windows 10 Mobile Phone Mail "your account settings are out of date"

My Outlook Mail on my Windows 10 mobile phone displays the message " your account settings are out of date" and gives me the option to fix it by logging back into GoDaddy Office 365. Once i enter my password again the account will stay up date for a day and then i have to enter the password again. My sync setting on the phone email account is set to "as items arrive" 

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Hi @Habes,


Have you sat on your phone recently? Cat Frustrated...........................


It does sound like a problem with your phone. Godaddy have powers..... but not that kind where they can fix the settings on your phone!

I'd like to bump this. I have multiple accounts on my phone and GoDaddy is the only one I have issues with. It's been intermittent and the last time I had the issue I deleted and reconfigured the account and the issue went away for a while. This go around it's not fixed it and I'm no longer able to get mail on my phone via the client.


Is there any useful comment on this issue? Surely GoDaddy has more than two people using Windows phone.

I've been facing the exact same problem for the last 3-4 weeks on my Lumia 950 - and this is AFTER 2 years of successful, trouble-free usage. I followed the same steps as you, but the problem persists. Come on, Go Daddy support - where are you???? Have you quietly dropped support for workspace email on Windows Phone?

Hey Ninja, it's NOT a settings issue! There are now at least 3 of us facing this problem. Any tips on how to fix this?


Nice to know GoDaddy ignores the issue waiting for it to go away mysteriously.

I have the same problem, started last Friday