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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI has a free service that I can not add as a Office365 online app. I am the only user on my account, however I am receiving a message from Microsoft that my IT department has turned off sign-up for this service. What settings do I need to change in Microsoft's admin center in order to sign up for this service or is this something that Godaddy needs to enable on my account before this feature is available to me?


Re: Microsoft Power BI

I have the same problem. I just spent an hour on the phone with Godaddy tech support.

There is an  Azure active directory command to enable ad-hoc subscriptions, but we don't have access to that either.

In my case, I had no issue setting up Azure on the Godaddy domain.... only to be locked out of PowerBI and left with no visualization tools for my cloud data. 

The guys on the phone left it with. "You cant get that from us".  

This is a deal breaker for me.

I need PowerBI. I will be forced cancel my domain, 2 O365 Premium subscriptions, all of it and set one up myself if this can not be resolved.

What sucks the most is Godaddy was recommended to me by Microsoft when I contacted them and told them my needs.  I am calling Microsoft next. I will post if I can get this resolved.

Re: Microsoft Power BI

I have the same issue. How do we get a response out of Go Daddy on this - otherwise i'll need to port away also. 

Re: Microsoft Power BI



Did anyone work out how to resolve this?  I've just spent a wasted half hour with go daddy who've never even heard of Power BI.





Re: Microsoft Power BI

Does anyone have any news on this from Godaddy,  I want to set up Microsoft Power BI ?


Re: Microsoft Power BI



I also have this issue and I thought it worth updating this thread.

I contacted GoDaddy support and managed to get a response from advanced tech support...


The version of Office 365 that GoDaddy sell does not support Power BI.

That seems like a definite answer to me. The thing I will try next is to move my Office account direct to Microsoft and not through GoDaddy. Hopefully that will work!



Re: Microsoft Power BI

In case someone hasn't figured this out yet I was able to install Power BI using my GoDaddy O365 account.


You just need to install Azure AD Power Shell and change the AllowAdHocSubscriptions setting to True.


It's explained step by step in this link


Just change the setting to True instead of False, otherwise the same steps apply.


Hope it helps!


Re: Microsoft Power BI

How do you install Azure AD?


Re: Microsoft Power BI

In the last hour I was told this can be turned on with in the admin centre, so I purchased O365 BP.


THe licencing page which controls this takes us back to a godaddy page.


How can we get around this?


Surely godaddy can turn this on for the o365 domains which want this?


Re: Microsoft Power BI

I have tried the suggested Azure AD Power Shell AllowAdHocSubscriptions commands but they are not accepted as valid commands.  Did you modify this commands in anyway?