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Microsoft Support Ticket / Skype unauthorized upgrade to Teams

My Skype for Business through my Office 365 GoDaddy subscription was upgraded to Microsoft Teams without my permission over the weekend and now I cannot communicate with external accounts. I am no longer able to use Skype and Teams is absolutely atrocious. When I attempt to set my Co-existence setting back to Skype it says I am not allowed to do so. Microsoft support suggests I put in a ticket with them. I CAN'T because when I access the admin console it redirects me to GoDaddy admin site. So I reached out to GoDaddy support and they were absolutely useless. Told me I needed to reach out to Microsoft. How do I enter a support ticket with Microsoft through a GoDaddy Office 365 subscription???

Community Manager

Hi @mwgainesjr. Thanks for posting. Since this is a change that Microsoft has decided to make, it's not something that can be rolled back as far as I know. This change would have been based on your org or account co-existence settings. However, I think you can use the steps in this article from Microsoft to enable guest access and thus be able to use teams with external users. I hope it helps. 


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