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Microsoft Teams Add-Inn not appearing in Settings> Services and Add-ins

GoDaddy Chat
Ryan J. at 13:41, Sep 14:Ryan J.
Question for GoDaddy: When will the Microsoft Teams be added to Settings> Services and Add-ins?
Looking at Office 365 Admin Center Page... Settings> Services & Add-ins... Microsoft Teams is not yet listed as one of the available Add-ins to configure
Thank you for waiting, Bruce. I've contacted our team and mentioned we don't have confirmation yet on when Microsoft team will be added.


I have the same issue. I do not see Teams in the settings. The app is working but I cannot perform configuration changes unless I see the option in Office 365 Admin


Please advise

Any answer on this?

GoDaddy advi

GoDaddy advised it does not plan to make this setting feature available. I will be moving my Office 365 subscription to Microsoft when current subscription expires.

Thanks Bruce, how can they decide not to support an administrative capability of a product we pay for?  Did they justify their reasoning?  I wanted to add some external contacts and the page they sent me has that add-in in the instructions.  Thanks for letting me know.


Thank you. From me. Paul Leon Diaz