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Microsoft office 365

Worst mistake I ever made. I bought my Office 365 from GoDaddy. I am REQUIRED to sign in 20-30 times every day. Outlook, OneDrive Half way through a word document, I have to sign in again. In middle of Excel worksheet and it freezes, log into GoDaddy. So many tech support calls and I am the one with errors, NEVER Godaddy. They are so broke. I cry every time I think about it. Now I have a huge task of finding a replacement.
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Re: Microsoft office 365

Hi @boblzimmerman,


Try these free alternatives:


openoffice suit


and :




Both are good and free. Just because it's free doesn't mean it's crap, very far from it!! But be nice and make a small donation if they ask. Otherwise these free programs will all but disappear, or worse still, be bought up by Microsoft then sold back to you, repackaged !!!!!! A little like Mac being really BSD (which can be downloaded for free everyone, as in  'free BSD') on steroids.


Re: Microsoft office 365

I am experiencing the same hosting challenges with the Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) on MacBook Pro platform as well as considerable frustration with Godaddy's technical support--or the lack of support. After several calls with them and doing all that they have suggested, I am now looking at moving Exchange hosting services to a competitor. GoDaddy seems not to be the powerhouse and provide the world-class customer and technical support it has in the past ten years.   Very disappointed.  Rating 2 on 10 scale.